About us

In the name of design and reliability

Our vision:

Over the years, Glova Rail has had great success in its function as an alternative source of supply parts for all types of vacuum toilet systems. Our spare parts have helped solve several issues with parts from the original equipment manufacturer, which at times have displayed a shortcoming in terms of reliability and availability. Furthermore, we have specialized in the servicing of vacuum toilets and we have established a highly effective service platform in order to test the toilets in operation.

Glova Rail has focused on the supply of vacuum toilet units for the refurbishing of pre-existing train toilets. The design of our toilet units permits them to effortlessly replace and operate with any type of interface valve that the customer should prefer. The PDC controller with the Lava software manages the toilet units. Our choice of controller reflects Glova Rail’s mission to offer spare parts characterized by their ability to interchange with other types of vacuum toilets.

Glova Rail supplies several special products for vacuum toilet systems. One such product is a universal test bench, which can test all types of vacuum toilets using the same equipment and software.

Glova Rail is still dedicated to the rethinking of design and the development of innovative products that can offer improved functionality and reliability to the rail vacuum toilet market. Please do not hesitate to contact us, our experience ensures our capacity to undertake any lacking element that you should need to be solved or upgraded.

The firms timeline:

In 2003, Europartner Aps was established. Europartner Aps supplied spare parts and offered service for vacuum toilet systems.

In 2004, Glova GmbH was established on the basis of KKI GmbH, a supplier of bus toilets, who wanted to diverse into the rail market.

Only Glova GmbH Rail activity was incorporated in the new company and Glova Bus GmbH continues their supply of bus toilets. Glova Rail has no formal relationship with Glova Bus GmbH.

In 2010, the Glova GmbH Rail Toilet Division and Europartner Aps merged and became Glova Rail.