Glova Rail Toilets for Botswana Railways

In the name of design and reliability

Glova Rail Toilets for Botswana Railways

From the left; Londiwe Mnyango, Project Engineer and Daniel Kraal, Construction Manager

One of the (many) projects we are extra proud of at Glova Rail is the one we did with South Africa’s Transnet Engineering for Botswana Railways. The beautiful celestial blue state-of-the-art trains were fitted with roof-mounted air-conditioning, wi-fi, passenger entertainment systems and of course Glova toilets to complete the first class design as part of the reintroduction of passenger rail services in Botswana.

Daniel Kraal, who was the Construction Manager on the project and Londiwe Mnyango, also an engineer from the project both paid Glova’s stand at Africa Rail a visit to discuss the upcoming service of the toilets. They have now been in service with excellent performance for 3 years, which means it is time to carry out the first round of service checks, and we at Glova are thrilled about the great feedback. 

Read the article from Railway Gazette about the coaches for Botswana Railways with Glova toilets here