Live Toilet Data Streaming

In the name of design and reliability

Live Toilet Data Streaming


Toilets, or non-working toilets, have always been a problem for train operators and passengers, and the problem with many of the current toilet systems is that it cannot be predicted or monitored when they are about to fail.

When toilets are out of order it results in delayed or cancelled trains, penalties and unhappy passengers and can be quite a costly affair. Due to this it is very desirable to be able to predict when the toilets will fail in order to catch them before it happens.

Glova has over the years developed a toilet control system that consists of a touch screen controller with many different features. As opposed to the other toilet systems in the market, it measures the toilet performance, delivers transparent data for the maintenance staff and can now for the very first time deliver real-time updates!

Last week Glova finished the installation of the first trial toilets on DSB’s (The Danish National Railways) IR4 trains, and we can now follow the live stream of data coming in and continue our development regarding predictive toilet maintenance.