Glova Rail

In the name of design and reliabilty

Our mission

Glova Rails mission is to offer a range of products characterized by superior design solutions, simple and maintenance friendly functions, and a never compromised quality that ensures the product’s reliable durability. Continuous research, customer feedback, and an overall aim to deliver a pristine product offer you the assurance that a product by our hand is one of the highest standards.

About Us

Toilet Units

Designed to the latest standards and have proved extremely reliable in service due to their superior monitoring equipment.

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Spare Parts

Spare parts for all types of vacuum toilets redesigned and reengineered if necessary due to reliability or availability

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Complete system overhaul, including upgrade to the latest technology if necessary due to obsoletion

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Special Equipment

Test equipment and software, descaling rigs, interface valves, special parts and filed test monitoring equipment

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Latest News

Latest news concerning our products, markets and exibitions

Company Success Award

We are proud to  announce that we have been awarded Spar Nord/BDO award for being among the 1000 companies who have constantly grown and created stabil financial results over a[…]

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RDSO Toilet

This is the toilet system for India developed according to the new RDSO specification. The toilet automatically goes into by pass mode when there is a fault or no supply.[…]

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Pipe cleaner rollout

Last friday we had a double roll out of 2 pipe cleaning units for a customer contracted to descale pipes and CET tanks for Stadler Rail You can read more[…]

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