In the name of design and reliability

Glova Rail A/S in Denmark acquired by Lagercrantz AS

    Lagercrantz AS has of April 5th. 2023 acquired 100% of the shares in Glova Rail A/S Management and employees at Glova Rail A/S are delighted to have now become part of the Lagercrantz Group, which will boost our ambitions to continue being the preferred supplier of sanitary products for rolling stock. The management…
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Training ÖBB Vienna

A big thank you to Molinari Rail for arranging the training session this week at ÖBB in Vienna of the Glova vacuum toilet as in integral part of the Coplass cabin. We hope we were able to convey some new knowledge to the ÖBB team.

TV toilet 3D Animation

  Our Design Engineer Stephan has created a 3D animation of our Toggle Valve toilet.   Initially we are using the function to verify design and interface, but we are also investigating further possibilties this new skill can offer.

Company Success Award

We are proud to  announce that we have been awarded Spar Nord/BDO award for being among the 1000 companies who have constantly grown and created stabil financial results over a number of years. Our CEO Horst Kirchner is seen here receiving the award at our offices last week. After the presentation a reception was held…
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RDSO Toilet

This is the toilet system for India developed according to the new RDSO specification. The toilet automatically goes into by pass mode when there is a fault or no supply. This way, it is possible to ensure emergency availability.

Pipe cleaner rollout

Last friday we had a double roll out of 2 pipe cleaning units for a customer contracted to descale pipes and CET tanks for Stadler Rail You can read more about this product her

The Glova E-toilet

Our latest development

Glova Rail Down Under

Our Technical Director Lars Genild participated in the recent AusRail exibition in Sidney where he had a small stand but a very large presence, due to his extensive knowledge of the Glova toilet system, which he developed together with a small tam of engineers back in 2004.

New Webhotel

We have checked in to a new webhotel